12 Jul 2018

What’s next in Malaysia’s democracy sequence?

Malaysian democracy entered a new phase after the appointment of a new government promising the restoration of justice and rule of law in place of 61 years of kleptocratic BN rule. What model will shape our

26 Apr 2017

NGO and Challenging Future

Introduction The existence of Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in international development is not a recent scenario and their contributions in the domestic as well as the international social resurgence in the recent years has influenced many public

07 Jan 2017

The Impact of Corruption to Good Governance in Malaysia

In this modern era, there are a number of empirical evidences that can be used to indicate that corruption has become among the biggest challenges in good governance practice in developing countries. Most developing countries are

13 Nov 2016

Anekdot Amerika dan Tembok Berlin

Dunia heboh pada 9 November lalu, ketika semua tertumpu kepada keputusan pilhanraya Presiden Amerika Syarikat yang menyaksikan calon kontroversi Republikan, Donald Trump menyanggah tinjauan awal untuk memenangi perebutan presiden dengan Hillary Clinton. Pelbagai analisa dan rumusan

18 Sep 2016

Emerging donors that might change the game

This week, we expand the discussion into wider sphere, focusing on emerging donors in international development assistance. Apart from traditional or established donor members in OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC), the emergence of China, the United

16 Aug 2016

Elites that ‘settled’ Southeast Asia’s politics

This week, the discussion continues about elites and political settlement. I have learned that politics cannot separate itself from being associated with political actor and its behavior. Political actor often refers to the elites and it